Black Fox Gin

Our gins are hand-crafted in single batches.

Hand Crafted, Single Batch



Our gins are hand-crafted in single batches. Special grain spirit base that is then carefully vapoured-infused with a unique blend of botanicals to provide unique depth of flavour.


Using our recipe of 15 different spices and flowers we attempt to create something that is familiar yet unique.   Using calendula flowers and rhubarb grown on our farm to add a floral note and a hint of citrus. It is designed as a martini gin, but its smoothness makes it perfect to enjoy icy cold on its own.

750ml 42% abv $57.00




Smokey nose, followed by vanilla and sweet caramel notes, finishing with a beautiful floral decent. Aged for six to eight months in a virgin American White Oak barrel after the vapours of the spirit gently extract the flavours during distillation. Flavours present themselves in a complex fashion that is especially interesting.

Limited edition single barrel releases. 

750ml 42% abv $87.00



Exploring and creating new flavours is one of the main reasons we love making gin! Each new season gives us new ingredients to work with, however this does mean our seasonal gins are limited in quantity!

Only available at our distillery! 



Cucumber & Caraway. Sweet and focused, with a mildly spiced pallet decent.

750ml 42% abv $57.00


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