Black Fox Vodka

Crafted varietal expressions to reflect the unique flavours of the starch base.

Varietal Expression



Our vodkas are what are known as “varietal” expressions. Dependant on the variety of grain, we are able to keep subtle flavours for you to enjoy. Each is carefully distilled to be a neutral as possible without losing the essence of its source. They are very unlike the mass produced industrial spirits most people associate with this style of spirit.


Saskatchewan is widely known for growing the highest quality wheat in the world. Our Black Fox wheat vodka, made from a specific type of wheat known as ‘soft white spring’,  is our homage to all those farmers who have provided the wheat that goes into the bread consumed by much of the world. The gentleness of this spirit makes it very versatile in making cocktails, or it can be enjoyed on its own.

750ml 42% abv $52.00



Triticale is a hybrid grain that was first created in the late 19th century. It is known widely for its hardiness and productivity, as well as its wonderful flavour.  Throughout our distilling process this flavour is carefully preserved to allow the spiciness of the grain to be expressed in the final spirit.  The result is vodka with a more pronounced flavour character and a smooth finish making it very enjoyable as a martini.

750ml 42% ABV $56.00



A rare and unique vodka. Oats produce an exquisite spirit, whether as a whisky or vodka, they are very smooth and nutty.  The reason why you don’t find it on your local shelves is that it is very hard to make. In all of North America there are only a few of us that dare.

750ml 42% abv $107.00


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