Flowers bring the familiar comfort and a feeling of closeness to your surroundings.  The feeling of warmth that home brings. 


OUR Flowers

Grown in the
Canadian Prairies


Growing cut flowers in the midst of the Canadian prairies is not for the faint of heart, the effort is worth it though as the results feed the soul and express the wondrous capabilities of the land.  We have nearly 7 acres of cut flowers for Upick, and wholesale markets.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pick my own? 

Absolutely, our season usually starts Mid July and extends until our first frost. Check with us before you come to ensure that the fields are in good condition, Mother Nature is a tough master. 

How do I make my flowers last the longest? 

Clean water and continual trimming. Every two days remove the flowers from their current vase and trim them about 1 inch. Either thoroughly wash the used vase or chose a clean vase add fresh water to place your newly trimmed flowers in. This will greatly reduce the bacteria in the water which is responsible for flower deterioration.  Also keep the flowers out of direct sunlight and away from direct contact with artificial heat sources. Use commercial flower food if you have it. 

What could be better than receiving flowers? 

Picking your own!! We always plant extra to share with those that love to spend a little time amongst the blooms. Not only do you get the best and freshest flowers, you can enjoy a great outing as well –be sure to bring a friend – big or small. 

The U-pick season generally starts the end of July and extends until Jack Frost tells us to quit. Check our current events <<link>>page to see if it is open. When you arrive, check in at the distillery tasting room and we will set you up with a map, a picking bucket and send you on your way. It is best if you bring a few things; your own cutting tools - sharp scissors or shears - and tall containers so flowers can be transported home in water. We will have a water source for you to use. 

Price $32/bucket plus taxes


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