Black Fox Farm & Distillery

Formerly Tierra Del Sol

Tierra Del Sol is the family farm of Barb and John and their four children. Located in the scenic river valley near Saskatoon, Tierra Del Sol is Spanish for "land of the sun." We wanted to share our passion for the land with others, which led to the creation of our farm. Our journey began with growing flowers, realizing that while food is needed to nourish our bodies, we also need to nourish our soul. Our passion for agriculture guides us, so logically the next step was to begin producing beautiful spirits that friends and families could enjoy together. We carefully select the finest fruits and grains to grow, cultivate them with care and transform them into truly unique and enjoyable spiritsOur goal is to make products so memorable that each and every time you experience one, you will want to share it with someone else.


For Retail Florists

As a local grower of field raised materials our products are available from spring to late fall. Our dried materials are available for fall decor and right through the winter months.

Below is a peak at what we have and the approximate timing. Of course Mother Nature has the last say!! Availability and pricing will be supplied on request.


photo credit -  Megan Cote

May and Early June

Late June


Lily production ramps up as all sizes, shapes and colours begin to bloom. We have over 10000 to chose from! Here are but a few.



Mid July

The annual field sown flowers are starting production. They seem to grow inches overnight!

Zinnias are the workhorses of cuts. We have them almost every colour and size. Our giant mixed are 3 inches across from brilliant oranges, reds and yellows to soft antique peaches, corals and soft yellows.

Our pom poms are smaller versions and measure 1 - 1 1/2 inches across. They are perfect for spots of colour and are used in smaller arrangements.

Our perennial salvia is also a wonderful substitute for lavender.


The right foliage can make your flowers stand out. We grow a wide assortment of ornamental grasses including several varieties of wheat and millets that add an exotic look without breaking the bank. In addition we unique fillers - Bells of Ireland, ammi and daucus.


photo credit - Megan Cote

August is our favourite - everything is at it's best!

We have over 8000 gladiolus in  every colour of the rainbow. Huge individual blooms are often over 3 inches across. 

Locally dahlias are on everyone's wish list. Locally grown ensures freshness in this delicate beauty. We grow everything from huge dinner plates to delicate pom poms.

The snaps are glorious in every colour and in both singles and doubles.




Fall is a magical time. We have an assortment of plant materials that come into their own with the cooler nights and shorter days. Check out our lisianthus and Cape Daisies.

Pumpkins, Gourds and Ornamental Corn

We love our pumpkins and grow thousands of them in all sizes and colours. Who couldn't love Baby Boo and Jack be Nimble? The gourds are always a hit as you never know what colour or bumps might appear. Ornamental corn is another favourite for fall decor.

Dried Flowers

We have discovered that a perfect way to extend the season is through drying our flowers. With some experimenting we have found many additions to the traditional choices.


Heads of golden wheat is synonymous with the Prairies. We have several varieties to chose from including copper and black bearded.