Black Fox Farm & Distillery

Formerly Tierra Del Sol

Tierra Del Sol is the family farm of Barb and John and their four children. Located in the scenic river valley near Saskatoon, Tierra Del Sol is Spanish for "land of the sun." We wanted to share our passion for the land with others, which led to the creation of our farm. Our journey began with growing flowers, realizing that while food is needed to nourish our bodies, we also need to nourish our soul. Our passion for agriculture guides us, so logically the next step was to begin producing beautiful spirits that friends and families could enjoy together. We carefully select the finest fruits and grains to grow, cultivate them with care and transform them into truly unique and enjoyable spiritsOur goal is to make products so memorable that each and every time you experience one, you will want to share it with someone else.


The Harvest

Have you ever been brought back in time, to a memory of your past, simply from a scent or a taste? 
What if a moment could be captured and stored in a bottle, to be relived again and again. Here at BlackFox Spirits it can.
Seasons change and so does the environment around us. From droughts to floods, the plants, flowers and landscape are continually adapting. This change is what produces flavours and scents unique to that moment and place. Living with the land we are aware of these subtleties and go about capturing them in our products. Consider our BlackFox Gin infused with pumpkin flowers or our BlackFox Raspberry Liqueur with a hint of spring honey: each is a time capsule waiting to take you back one sip at a time. 

BlackFox Liqueurs

All of our liqueurs are available only in limited quantities as their production is restricted by our harvest conditions.  On our farm we grow apples, haskap and raspberries.  Other fruits such as black currants and sour cherries we purchase from our neighbors who cultivate and grow the fruit with the same care and passion that we do.

Due to the fresh, quality ingredients we use in our fruit liqueurs, at times a sediment may form at the bottom of the bottle. This is a natural occurrence and can be remedied by simply giving the bottle a shake before sharing!

BlackFox Raspberry Liqueur

Our raspberries (and all of the fruit) that we grow are specifically selected for one main reason: flavour.  Our raspberry is a heritage variety, developed in Manitoba. It has the taste of raspberry that one can remember from childhood.  Grown on a beautiful southern slope of our farm, they capture the most sun and develop a deep, rich colour and aroma.  Immediately after harvest the berries are combined with our premium triticale spirit and sweetened with honey that was produced on our farm.   The result is a crisp, clean raspberry flavour that has a beautiful bouquet.   This liqueur is remarkable on its own, but also has the depth of flavour and colour to be a wonderful addition in numerous cocktails.

BlackFox Honey Ginger liqueur

At certain times of the year our bees produce honey that has unique flavours due to the type of flowers they are pollinating.  In the spring when our orchards are in bloom, the honey is very smooth and light in character.  We have taken this honey and using a blend of oat and triticale spirits, created BlackFox Honey Ginger Liqueur.  This liqueur is bottled at 32% alcohol by volume to maintain the intensity of the fresh ginger.  It has a smooth mouth feel, is honey forward and ends with the hot sweetness of the ginger.  When we first developed this liqueur it was meant for hot drinks in the depth of the coldest winter months. Since, we have found it to be a very versatile mixer as well as delicious served on the rocks.

BlackFox Crème de Cassis

Black currants grown in Saskatchewan are known far and wide for their wonderful flavour.  We take these berries and extract the flavours from them using an intricately prepared blend of spirits.  This is one of the only liqueurs that we produce in which we do not use honey as we want to preserve the tartness of the original fruit.  The result is a crisp clean flavour and colour which make this liqueur very suitable for mixing into a traditional Kir Royal or simply enjoyed on its own.

BlackFox Gin

We have chosen to number our BlackFox Gin because they are hand crafted in single batches. Each time, depending on the ingredients we have in our fields, they will be little bit different. 

All of our gins are a specially prepared combination of wheat and triticale spirits that are carefully blended for your enjoyment.

BlackFox Gin #1 (Sold Out)

All gin is typified by the flavour of juniper berries.  Our Gin #1 is much more!  Using our recipe of 15 different spices and flowers we attempt to create something that is familiar yet unique.   Gin #1 uses calendula flowers and rhubarb grown on our farm to add a floral note and a hint of citrus. It is designed as a martini gin, but its smoothness makes it perfect to enjoy icy cold on its own.

BlackFox Gin #2 (Sold Out)

This gin is a more earthy expression of our recipe. Pumpkin flowers and cucumbers complement the deep flavour of the coriander and accentuate the licorice finish.  This particular gin is perfect for mixing in cocktails as the complexity has the ability to add layers to your flavours without the juniper being over bearing.

BlackFox Gin #3

Reminiscent of Gin #1, Gin #3 makes good use of the floral notes of the calendula flower and the citrus of the rhubarb. A clean finish makes this gin very refreshing and adds a bright note to your favorite gin cocktail.

BlackFox Gin #4

Always a bit atypical, this even numbered gin uses chokecherries to provide a mild fruity base to the layers of flavour. Gin #4 is well balanced, offering the opportunity to explore the complexity of the botanicals.

BlackFox Vodka

BlackFox Triticale Vodka

Our vodka is carefully crafted to create a true expression of the unique grain from which it is made.  Triticale is a grain first created in the late 19th century by crossing wheat with rye. It is known widely for its hardiness and productivity, as well as its wonderful flavour.  Throughout our distilling process this flavour is carefully preserved to allow the spiciness of the grain to be expressed in the final spirit.  The result is vodka with a more pronounced flavour character and a smooth finish making it very enjoyable as a martini.

BlackFox Wheat Vodka

Saskatchewan is truly known for growing the highest quality wheats in the world.  Our BlackFox wheat vodka, made from a specific type of wheat known as ‘soft white spring’,  is our homage to all those farmers who have provided the wheat that goes into the bread consumed by much of the world. This particular vodka has subtle notes of tropical fruit and the sweet finish characteristic of wheat spirits.  The gentleness of this spirit makes it very versatile in making cocktails, or it can be enjoyed on its own.


Whiskey takes time. We start with our exceptional grains and carefully age it in new oak barrels. When it’s ready we’ll slowly share it with you. Not all of it though, we need to save a bit for the next generation.