Our Farm

Growing the finest fruits and grains for you to enjoy.


Our Farm

Our Passion


We are very proud to grow the wide range of crops for our U Pick flower field and the ingredients for use in our spirits. From our carefully selected grains, to our delectable honey, fresh fruit, and floral botanicals we are proud to be a farm first.


What we stand for

Our farm and distillery are rooted in our values 



Love of Agriculture


Respect for the land


Unique products of exceptional quality



We begin with the best possible ingredients using the best genetics, the proper care of the crops and careful handling after the crop is harvested to ensure that when it is time, only the best goes into the bottle. 





We respect our resources immensely which is why we utilize the best agronomic practises from all types of production systems to maintain as efficient and sustainable as possible. In planning our facility, it was important to us to reduce and conserve as much as possible. 

Our distillery uses a geo-thermal cooling system, reusing nearly 95% of our water 

Spent grains and fruit are used as a compost fertilizer in our orchards and flower fields 

The entire farm uses a state of the art drip irrigation system to reduce water usage

potential contamination of the Saskatchewan River is mitigated by a bio filtration system where runoff water passes through a series of marsh ponds before it eventually enters the river



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