Black Fox Farm & Distillery

Formerly Tierra Del Sol

Tierra Del Sol is the family farm of Barb and John and their four children. Located in the scenic river valley near Saskatoon, Tierra Del Sol is Spanish for "land of the sun." We wanted to share our passion for the land with others, which led to the creation of our farm. Our journey began with growing flowers, realizing that while food is needed to nourish our bodies, we also need to nourish our soul. Our passion for agriculture guides us, so logically the next step was to begin producing beautiful spirits that friends and families could enjoy together. We carefully select the finest fruits and grains to grow, cultivate them with care and transform them into truly unique and enjoyable spiritsOur goal is to make products so memorable that each and every time you experience one, you will want to share it with someone else.


The Process

Our farm, Tierra Del Sol, is home to our boutique distillery, BlackFox Spirits. We are very proud of the way we do things.  If you would like to learn more we are pleased to arrange a tour for you. Contact us for details.

The way we grow

The grain, fruit and honey we grow is done with a respect for the land and the future generations that will rely on it for their sustenance.  We are not organic, rather we believe in using the best available practices from all types of farming. We are committed to continually improving the land for which we are stewards. 

We are very keen on conservation, sustainability and self-sufficiency which is why we maximize the use of our own products in the production of our spirits.  Water is recycled as much as possible, spent grains from the distillery are used as fertilizer in the orchards and field crops are rotated to reduce the incidence of disease and promote soil health.  Our fields are even planted with the health of the bees in mind. We make sure there is always a good supply of nectar and that they are not impacted by our farming practices in a negative way. 

Ingredients that we can’t grow are sourced as much as possible from farmers we know and trust.  We truly believe (and feel you should as well) that farmers the world over have the same passion for the land and producing a quality product of which they can be proud.

The way we distill

We produce all of our alcohol here at the distillery.  We do not reprocess spirits that others have made.  We believe that this is important in being true to our craft of distilling and it ensures the best possible products.

Our still was handmade in southern Germany.  Not only is it a beautiful piece of machinery but it is state of the art. It allows us to produce any type of spirit we wish.  By monitoring and controlling critical processes via computer controls we have blended old world technique with new world technology to produce the finest handcrafted spirits.