Spirit of Christmas Package

Crafted to share as a gift to make them feel truly special.

SE Eleven Single Grain Canadian Whisky 500 ml
2 Black Fox branded glasses
2 Black Fox branded coasters


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This unique Canadian whisky is crafted with 100% single grains, and is aged to perfection in new American oak barrels.

Our aging process takes place under Saskatchewan’s living skies, where it rests year round under the prairie sky, interacting with the elements of the Canadian prairies.

Currently the single grain release is distilled from 100% Triticosecale (Triticale – a hybrid grain between wheat and rye), that is smooth and light bodied.

ABV & Volume: 46-49% 500 ml | Being bottled in small lots according to their barrel, there will always be a uniqueness to be enjoyed with each bottle.

SE Eleven Single Grain Canadian Whisky Awards:
Master | World Whisky Masters | London, United Kingdom | 2020
Gold | Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition | Vancouver, Canada | 2020

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