Rhubarb Gin

Reminiscent of prairie summers with early morning dew, picking rhubarb to make a crumble because your favorite aunt is coming to visit. While you pull the rhubarb stalk from the plant the aroma lingers in the cool humid air, and you know it is going to be another beautiful summer day in Saskatchewan.

ABV 42%


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Creating limited releases allows us to experiment with new techniques and flavours, and capture where we are into a flavour.

Rhubarb Gin is our latest release, where we take the rhubarb grown at Black Fox and juiced it to create something truly unique to here. Rhubarb is as ubiquitous in prairie gardens as it is to the UK. This ingredient is a staple in our Canadian #3 Gin.

We’ve always wanted to release a Rhubarb Gin, but were always concerned about the colour fading without adding artificial food colouring. The answer was, make very small batches and get them out to our loyal fans and let them know that although the beautiful blush colour may fade, our passion for sharing a taste of terroir won’t.

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