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Our liqueurs are simple and focused to reflect the vibrant natural flavours.

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Our liqueurs are simple and created to reflect vibrant natural flavours. On our farm we grow haskap and raspberries. Other fruits such as sour cherries we purchase from our neighbors who cultivate and grow the fruit with the same care and passion that we do.

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Our raspberries and all of the fruit that we grow are specifically selected for one main reason: flavour. The result is a crisp, clean raspberry flavour with a beautiful bouquet.   Immediately after harvest the berries are combined with specially created spirit and sweetened with honey that was produced on our farm.  This liqueur is remarkable on its own, but also has the depth of flavour and colour to be a wonderful addition in numerous cocktails. 

350ml 23% abv

Black_Fox_Farm_Distillery_Spirits_Honey_Ginger_Liqueur copy.png

We have taken our honey and using a special blend of base spirits, created Black Fox Honey Ginger Liqueur.  It has a smooth mouth feel, is honey forward and ends with the hot sweetness of the ginger.  When we first developed this liqueur it was meant for hot drinks in the depth of the coldest winter months, but we have since found it to be a very versatile mixer as well as delicious served on the rocks.

350ml 32% abv

Black_Fox_Farm_Distillery_Spirits_Cherry_Liqueur copy.png

Fresh cherry flavour and beautiful color typify the liqueur made from the sour cherries developed at the University of Saskatchewan.  Sweetened with caramelized sugar, this liqueur has a very soft sweet sensation which does not overpower the flavour of the cherries. The colour is an intense red making it beautiful for cocktails. 

350ml 23% abv


Due to the fresh quality ingredients we use in our fruit liqueurs; at times a sediment may form at the bottom of the bottle. This is a natural occurrence and can be remedied by simply giving the bottle a shake before sharing!


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